Complete PWM Power Control Circuitry CH1: Buck Boost, CH2: Boost
Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO) Protection
Totem Pole Output
Output Short Circuit Protection
Dead-Time Control: 0% to 100%
Wide Operating Frequency: 10kHz to 800kHz
Power Good Protection
VDD Range: 2.6V to 6.5V
General Description

The AAT1105A provides an integrated two-channel pulse-width-modulation (PWM) solution for the power supply of DC-DC system. This device offers system engineers the flexibility to tailor-make the power supply circuitry for specific applications. Each channel contains its own error amplifier, PWM comparator, dead–time control (DTC), and output driver. The under-voltage protection, oscillator, short circuit protection (SCP) and voltage reference circuit are the common features for the two channels.
The AAT1105A contains one step-up (boost) circuit at channel two (CH2) and one inverting (buck boost) circuit at channel one (CH1). Dead-time control can be set to provide 0% to 100% dead-time through a resistive divider network. Soft-start can be implemented by paralleling the DTC resistor with a capacitor. Two dead-time control inputs are assigned for CH1 and CH2 individually, and dead-time control inputs can be used to control on / off operation.
The compact design and optimized external parts of AAT1105A offers a simple and effective solution.