Management of Three Input Sources: 5V Wall Adaptor, USB Port, and Li-Ion Battery
Two 1.5MHz DC/DC Buck Converters
Full-Featured Li-Ion Battery Charger
USB Power Manager Limits the USB Current (100mA/500mA)
Thermal Feedback Loop Charges the Battery Efficiently
4mm x 4mm 24-Lead QFN Package
General Description
The AAT7601/AAT7601A is a highly integrated power management device for various portable applications. The AAT7601/AAT7601A consists of two DC/DC buck converters, a full-featured Li-Ion battery charger and a USB port power manager. The AAT7601/AAT7601A can be powered from a 5V wall adaptor or USB port supply to charge the Li-Ion battery and draw power from the most proper source automatically.
The AAT7601/AAT7601A manages the battery charge task with a constant current/constant voltage method. A thermal feedback loop is applied to AAT7601/AAT7601A to efficiently charge the battery under all conditions. The USB power controller limits the current drain from the USB port input.
The AAT7601/AAT7601A is available in a small 4mm x 4mm 24-Lead QFN package to minimize area usage.
Portable Devices
Handheld PDA/GPS