Ideal for One-Cell Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Packs
High Accuracy Voltage Detection
Low Current Consumption: 3μA Supply Current (Typical) / 0.1μA Shutdown Current (Maximum)
3-Level Over Current Detection: Over Current / Short Circuit /Over Charge Current
Built-in Delay Time Circuit. No External Capacitor is Required
Wide Operating Temperature Range: –40 °C to +85°C
Wide Charger Voltage Range: 40V
Robust ESD Protection: ≧ 2KV
Small SOT26 Package
General Description
The AONE is an effective power solution proposal for complete one-cell lithium-iron/ lithium polymer battery protection. This device guards the system against temperature/noise variation by integrating high accuracy voltage circuits, and delay circuits. AONE integrates over charge, over discharge, over current, over charge current, and short circuit detections to guarantee charging safety and enhanced battery life span. Furthermore, the lower current consumption also improves the battery operation time. The AONE, which uses fewer and smaller external components, can easily fit into the limited space of a battery package. Intelligent protection mechanism and compact design makes AONE an economical solution for portable devices.
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