Output Power at 5V VDD
▪3.0W into 4Ω Load at 10% THD
▪1.7W into 8Ω Load at 10% THD
High Efficiency up to 90%
High PSRR: 75dB (Typical) at 217Hz
Low THD+N: 0.12% at 1kHz (3.6V/8Ω/0.5W)
Low Quiescent Current: 2mA at 3.6V with 8Ω Load
Shutdown Current: 0.1μA (Typical) Available in WCSP-9, WSON8L- 3 x 3, and MSOP-8L Packages
General Description

The AAT2010 is a high efficiency mono, filterless, Class-D audio power amplifier. The AAT2010 can operate from 2.7V to 5.5V supply. When powered with 5V voltage, the AAT2010 can deliver 3.0W to a 4Ω load at 10% THD+N.
As a class-D audio amplifier, the AAT2010 features 90% efficiency and 75dB PSRR at 217Hz which make the device ideal for use in battery-supplied portable electronic devices. The AAT2010 also features the minimized click-and-pop noise during turn-on and shutdown.
The AAT2010 is available in space-saving WCSP-9, WSON8L- 3 x 3, and MSOP-8L packages.


Mobile Phone
Portable Digital Assistant (PDA)
MP3/MP4 Player
Battery-Operated Devices