Non-Clip Control to Suppress Output Clipping
Filterless Class-D Operation
High Efficiency up to 90%
Output Power at 5V Supply
▪1.8W (8Ω Load, 10% THD+N)
▪1.5W (8Ω Load, 1% THD+N)
▪3.4W (4Ω Load, 10% THD+N)
▪2.7W (4Ω Load, 1% THD+N)
Low THD+N: 0.06% (Typical) @ 1kHz (VDD = 3.6V, RL = 4Ω, PO = 0.65W)
Low Quiescent Current: 2.2mA @ VDD = 3.6V with no Load
Low Shutdown Current: 0.1μA (Typical)
High PSRR: 75dB (Typical)
Short-Circuit & Thermal Protection
Fast Start-up Time: 5ms
Available in 1.43mm x 1.43mm WCSP-9L
General Description
The AAT2145 is a mono, non-clip, filterless, Class-D audio power amplifier. It operates from 2.7V to 5.5V supply. When powered with 5V supply voltage, the AAT2145 is capable of delivering 3.4W into 4Ω load or 1.8W into 8Ω load, with THD+D less than 10%.
The AAT2145 features a non-clip output control, which detects the output clipping caused by the over-level input signal and automatically adjusts the dynamic range of the output signal to prevent the distortion of the audio signal. The non-clip output control also eliminates the output clipping due to a low battery supply voltage.
As a Class-D power amplifier, the AAT2145 features high efficiency (up to 90%) and high PSRR (75dB at 217Hz), which make the device ideal for use in cellular handsets and other portable devices.
Cellular Handsets
Portable Navigation Devices
Multimedia Internet Devices